I show elite athletes, entrepreneurs, and their families a simple way to live it.


I show elite athletes, entrepreneurs, and their families a simple way to live it.

My mission is to help my clients and students win 
1 million championships through the power of family by the end of this decade.

The key is under your own roof.

You can hire the most renowned experts, read the best books, or be up with the latest trends, but one thing’s for certain…

If you’re not tapping into the power of family, failure is inevitable.

I’ve seen this play out in sports and business for almost two decades - if you’re winning at the expense of your family, everyone loses.

And, by the way, I lived it...and almost lost everything.

That’s why I’ve devoted my life to help driven athletes and entrepreneurs leverage the power of family to kick underperformance to the curb.

Since sharing my proven Champion’s Equation™ process with them, my clients and students have gone on to sign major sports contracts, earn scholarships, and increase revenues in their businesses.

Most importantly, they’re clearer, more confident, and kicking a**!

...and they’re making everyone around them better, too.

Trusted By Champions.

The high-performance strategies found within my Champion’s Equation™ have been used by clients and mentees including a legendary pitching expert and entrepreneur, All-Stars, Hall of Famers, National Champions, and multiple 1st Round Draft Picks.

I’ve also taught them to champions found in several business and sports organizations.

Secrets of the Elite...

Now, I want you, your athlete, and/or team to take advantage of every secret I’ve discovered to…

  • reach heightened and sustained levels of performance
  • lead with clarity and courage 
  • build deeper relationships with people that matter

It’s not enough to be elite. It’s about doing what the world’s most elite do to win over and over again. 

And it starts at home.

The Champion’s Equation™

Battle tested and proven to elevate champions.

Let’s be real - you want a better way to reach your highest potential, without losing your mind, health, or most important relationships.

This is how you do it.

PREPARE to win in every area and stage of life

PLAY consistently at higher levels of performance

Fully RECOVER to ensure repeat wins

What Others Are Saying...

"Your go-to guy."

       - Christian Crosby, Philadelphia 76ers

“As a parent and someone who has been in sports my entire life, I can honestly say J.R. is someone you want in the foxhole with you.”

        - Jeff Rodin, Arizona Diamondbacks

“Working with J.R. is a no brainer. I went from running my business and making 500K a year to owning a company projected at 100 million in 3 years.”

        - Dr. Matthew Monson, Entrepreneur, Former Marine and Rugby Athlete 

I'm J.R.
I help elite athletes and entrepreneurs consistently unlock their highest capabilities, without losing their mind, health, or most important relationships.

Sure, I’ve experienced several wins as an elite athlete, high-performance coach, and entrepreneur...

I’ve helped some of the best in the world, have been featured by a New York Times Best-Selling Author, and considered one of the “Navy Seals of Life Coaching” by the world’s leading high-performance expert, BUT…

My best wins are at home - a 12-year marriage, two boys and a daughter, and in the best physical, mental, and emotional shape of my life.

HOWEVER, I’m not a Superhero - not even close. I still get knocked down. I’ve just discovered a way to consistently get up and make winning a lifestyle.

Through my highly-rated Champion’s Ranch™ Coaching Program, Champions Rise Academy™, Championship Families™ Course, Intensives, Workshops, and Keynotes, I’ve created a movement of champions who are winning at a level and frequency they’ve never experienced before. Every day, I see my clients and students trade underachievement, fear, and stress for a life of high-performance, courage, and clarity. 

You ready to join the movement?
*Currently, J.R.’s Private Client Roster is full. To inquire about his Wait List, Academy, Workshops, Intensives, or Keynotes, please click above to contact us.

DISCLAIMER: These results are not typical. However, our typical client and student that implements our strategies generally increases their performance in most areas of their life and career. You may experience different results depending on the effort you put in, as well as your own personality and background.

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