SPECIAL REPORT! Breakthrough Study Reveals What Predicts Positive Life Outcomes
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TO: Athletes, Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Sports Parents 

SUBJECT: Special Report

Over the last few years, Brendon Burchard, my coach and trainer in high-performance, teamed up with psychologists and data scientists from around the globe to measure and validate high performance (and our approach to it) from an academic perspective. 

Two recent collaborations have been with scientists from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Santa Barbara - two of the most highly-acclaimed institutions on the topics of performance and positive psychology.

These collaborations and the results from them are significant to me because my coaching programs, trainings, and keynotes geared towards athletes, executives, entrepreneurs, and sports parents are based on many of the concepts you'll find in the new report.

If I asked you if you wanted more of any of these below, what would you say?
  • ​Happiness
  • ​Confidence
  • Income
  • ​Life satisfaction
  • ​Quality relationships
  • ​Career impact
Ok, I know you said YES to at least one of these, so check out this data from the abstract!
  • "...the HPI was predictive of happiness (r = .58), confidence (r = .67), income (rs = .137), perceived excellence, (r = .50) and perceived success in comparison to peers to over the long term (r = .67)...
  •  "...HPI scores in Study 2 were predictive of important life outcomes, such as life satisfaction (r = .62), quality of interpersonal relationships (r = .22), work quality (r = .60), career impact (r = .58), and income (rs = .23)."
If you’re new to academic research, the “r = numbers” above are correlations. In other words, these results are INCREDIBLE!!!

But, here’s what the report said that’s just as exciting…

Real-world interventions can improve high performance by a full standard deviation!
    SAY WHAT?!
    On p. 17 of the report, it details evidence that high-performance habits could be substantially enhanced through high performance training (d = 1.04). This is much higher than most interventions in psychology!!!!!

    One last piece of data I’ll share with you…

    During my last recertification week, Brendon announced that the High Performance Institute has now independently measured over 30,000 sessions with Certified High-Performance Coaches like me. These coaches received an average client satisfaction rating of 9.6 out of 10. To Brendon’s knowledge, this is the highest ever rating recorded of any multi-month coaching program!!!

    And when I look at my average client satisfaction rating of 9.7, it makes sense! Client results have been (and continue to be) A-MAZING.
    Taken together, these findings continue to show that the training I’ve received and the curriculum I’m able to deliver to my clients and community is world-class (not to mention more global, effective, and science-based than other programs).

    So, go check out the report to see the results for yourself. I hope you’re encouraged by them just as much as me.

    And don’t forget, you’re just one win away...
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